American Hemerocallis Society Region 14

2018 Popularity Poll Ballot

The Popularity Poll ballot is printed here and is available on the AHS Region 14 website.  Mail or email your choices by September 1, 2018 or use the web-based ballot.  Please submit your ballot in any form only once.

Each member can vote for up to ten (10) registered cultivars. You have the option of writing in up to five (5) personal choices, should these choices not appear on the Regional ballot.  Each AHS member is eligible to vote and is encouraged to do so. Thank you for your time.

Club Affiliation:  _____________________,  _______________________,  _______________________

Please circle your choices:

Alabama Jubilee

Alabama Wildfire

All American Chief

Amalia Harrison

Bali Watercolor

Banana Smoothie

Barbara Fuller

Barbara Mitchell

Barbara Watts

Beautiful Edgings

Bella Lugosi

Beyond Red

Big Kiss

Big Red Wagon

Blazing Cannons

Boundless Beauty

Clothed in Glory

Coach’s Braided Angel

Coach’s Hot Lips

Coffee to Go

Crazy Ivan

Debbie Daniels

Dorothy and Toto

Double Blue Blood

Double Screamer

Emma’s Curls

Evelyn Gates

Fairhope Red Tail Kite

Free Wheelin’

Get Jiggy

God Save the Queen

How Beautiful Heaven Must Be

Jessica Lynn Bell

J.T. Davis

Just for Breakfast

King Kahuna

Last Snowflake

Lava Flow

Lavender Blue Baby

Lillian’s John Falck

Lillian’s Legends & Lies

Lillian’s Lying Eyes

Lillian’s White Lies

Lillian’s Woman’s Touch

Lilly’s Smile

Linda Beck

Little Red Dumples

Look Here Mary

Loose Reins

Mary’s Gold

Mayor of Munchkinland


Moonlit Masquerade

Moses’ Fire

Nancy Billingslea

Nancy’s Quilt

Orange Velvet

Papa Goose

Persian Ruby

Phyllis Riddle

Pink Lemonade Party

Planet Max

Point Clear Jubilee

Primal Scream

Princess Diana

Red Volunteer

Rose F. Kennedy

Rose Masterpiece

Savannah Debutante

Sebastian the Crab

Scream and Shout

Seminole Wind

Shores of Time

Signature Truffle

South Sea Enchantment

Spacecoast Gold Bonanza

Spider Man

Strawberry Candy

Suburban Barbara Huff

Suburban Carey Roberts

Suburban Coach Burnham

Suburban Golden Eagle

Suburban Nancy Gayle

Suburban Wren


Tangerine Horses

Thin Man


Tuscawilla Snowdrift

Webster’s Pink Wonder

Wild Horses

Wildman George

Wonder of it All




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 Mail to:

Debbie D. Smith

10175 Tom Waller Rd.

Grand Bay, AL 36541